Public Speaking and Giving a Presentation

Class Overview: If you're a student or working professional, it is likely you will be required to speak or perform a presentation to an audience. This can be very difficult, especially for non-native English speakers. This free course will introduce you to techniques that will help your English sound fluent, and also help you identify appropriate vocabulary for speaking in a formal setting.
Class Objectives: At the end of this course students will be able to: • Appropriately structure an argument with an introduction, middle, and a conclusion • Convey a logical understanding of a topic to an audience • Use appropriate tones, speed, body language and verbal language for a specific • Answer questions from their audience and engaging an audience in a discussion


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Experience: 3 years
TESOL Certification: CELTA Certificate
Hourly Rate: -
Language Skills: Exam Preparation, Grammar, Integrated, Listening, Pronunciation, Reading, Speaking, Vocabulary, Writing


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Class outline

Lesson 1: Speech Structure

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Lesson 2: Communicating Your Message

⚫ Video⚫ Interactive Content⚫ Interactive Content

Lesson 3: Tones, Speed and Language

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