Do I have to use Skype in order to schedule live sessions?

Yes, teachers and students must include a Skype account in their profile in order to schedule live sessions, although they can use other tools if they want. Skype is integrated into the site as the default video conferencing tool.  For your privacy, your Skype account is not public on the site. Here are the steps to add your skpye account:

Go to your profile

Do I have to use Skype for schedule live sessions? 

Edit the "Personal Details" section

  edit personal details    

Add Your Skype Name (the last field on the page)

add skype name

Click On "Save"

Why Skype?

Skype is the most widely-used video conferencing software in the world, so we built it into the site to make it easier for everyone. Teachers can also add an "learning material" to their classes and sessions, which will allow them to chat using video and audio for free without any software for up to 8 people. You can also use some other video conferencing software for live sessions such as Zoom, Line, Google Hangouts, etc. if you like.  Download Skype






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