How can I solve a payment problem I'm having with a teacher or student?

If payment for the session or class was made through, you can email to request dispute resolution assistance.  Provide all relevant details (including screenshots, if possible) to help our staff understand the facts as you see them.  In a dispute resolution process, Face-2-Face English Center seeks to get the best agreed upon outcome for both students and teachers by collecting information from both sides and presenting the facts to facilitate a resolution, but we cannot guarantee we can make everybody happy every time.  During dispute resolution, it may be necessary for Face-2-Face English staff to speak with you on the phone or over Skype.  Face-2-Face English Center does not "refund" or "collect" money from students or teachers.  The transaction happens between students and teachers with Face-2-Face English Center merely providing the platform, therefore for any refund or collection to happen, both the student and teacher must agree.

If payment for the session or class was not made through, then Face-2-Face English Center does not provide any dispute resolution service. 

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